The 6 Best Whale Watching in Hurghada

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure in Hurghada? Whale watching is an exceptional experience that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and introduce you to the vast marine life of the Red Sea. Hurghada is an excellent place for this activity. In this blog post, we will explore the best whale watching spots in Hurghada and guide you on how to make the most out of this thrilling adventure. Whether you’re an experienced marine enthusiast or a first-time traveler, our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know to explore the majestic whales in Hurghada.

The 6 Best Whale Watching in Hurghada

  1. Dolphin House and Banana Boat Fun from Hurghada
  2. 9 Hour Dolphin Snorkeling Tour from Hurghada
  3. From Hurghada Giftun Islands Full Day Snorkeling Tour
  4. Hurghada Private Speedboat Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling
  5. Dolphin Show in Hurghada
  6. Tour to Sindbad Submarine in the Red Sea from Hurghada

The 6 Best Whale Watching in Hurghada

1. Dolphin House and Banana Boat Fun from Hurghada

Cruise over the Red Sea on a full-day trip from Hurghada El Gouna or Makadi to Dolphin House and Banana Boat Fun. Start with a visit to the Dolphin House, an area with a high density of wild dolphins. Observe these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat and take a swim if you’re lucky enough, while other travelers can choose to sunbathe on deck or snorkel around fish-filled corals. Next, head to three snorkeling sites to explore the underwater world of corals and reef fish. Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and complimentary drinks on board, followed by a fun-filled banana boat ride. This trip includes National Park fees, lunch, all activities, and gratuities. DVD and photo services are also available for an extra charge, but we are not responsible and do not recommend them.

2. 9 Hour Dolphin Snorkeling Tour from Hurghada

Embark on a 9-hour dolphin snorkeling tour from Hurghada and experience the beauty of the colorful underwater world. The tour offers the chance to swim with dolphins in the open sea, have fun with water sports like banana boat and tablet, explore stunning coral reefs, and relax on the sandbanks. The tour includes pickup and drop-off at your accommodation, boat cruise, snorkel guide, snorkeling equipment, life vests, first aid medical box on every boat, lunch, fresh seasonal fruits, soft drinks all-day, mineral water and snacks onboard the boat, fresh water showers, shaded area on the boat, and Wi-Fi onboard upon request. Please note that the tour is not suitable for pregnant women. Don’t miss this incredible experience.

3. From Hurghada Giftun Islands Full Day Snorkeling Tour

Take advantage of the gorgeous weather in Hurghada and explore the stunning underwater world on this snorkeling day tour in the Red Sea. Enjoy snorkeling at two different spots, where you can see a variety of colorful fish and corals. You might even have a chance to watch dolphins swimming alongside the boat. After snorkeling, relax on the lounge deck while feasting on a delicious buffet lunch filled with salads, fruits, and unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, and milk. You’ll then head to Giftun Island, where you can take memorable photos while enjoying two hours in the crystal-clear water before wrapping up the day with a stunning sunset view from the boat’s deck. The tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off, transportation, snorkeling gear, breakfast sandwiches, unlimited mineral water, entrance to either Orange or Paradise, and you can even add on a birthday cake or a ten-minute parasailing adventure (if option selected).

4. Hurghada Private Speedboat Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling

Escape the bustling city on a cruise from Hurghada and get up close with friendly dolphins in their natural habitat. Climb aboard a private speedboat and enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters around Hurghada. Get unforgettable views of the reefs and corals and bask in the beauty of one of the most beautiful islands in the area. Swim with dolphins in the open sea and cool off from the heat of the city. This tour includes transfers to and from your hotel in Hurghada, as well as snorkeling equipment, mineral water, snacks, soft drinks, fresh seasonal fruits, fresh water showers, shaded area on the boat, life jackets, stereo system, captain, and tourist tax. Please note that this tour is not recommended for pregnant women. Pick-up and drop-off are also available from Makadi, El Gouna, Sahl Hashish, and Safaga. Tips for your guide are not mandatory but appreciated.

5. Dolphin Show in Hurghada

Enjoy an unforgettable 1-hour dolphin show at the Dolphin House in Hurghada. Get picked up from your hotel in Hurghada and enjoy a comfortable 20-minute drive to the Dolphin House in an air-conditioned vehicle. Once you arrive, witness the incredible intelligence and charm of the dolphins for yourself. Take as many photos as you can during the show and get up close and personal with these special animals.

After the show, you can add on an opportunity to swim with the dolphins for five minutes. Then, enjoy a convenient transfer back to your hotel in Hurghada. This activity is perfect for families and anyone who loves dolphins!

6. Tour to Sindbad Submarine in the Red Sea from Hurghada

Go on an exciting 3-hour underwater adventure and discover the marine life of the Red Sea on the Sinbad Submarine tour from Hurghada. After being picked up from your hotel, you will be transferred to the pier for boarding the Sinbad Submarine. As the submarine seats 44 people and 2 pilots, you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the specially constructed windows that maximize your viewing experience. Explore life underwater for 50 minutes at a depth of 72 feet (22 meters) and marvel at the incredible views of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Soft drinks and an English-speaking Egyptologist guide are included, as well as all transfers and entrance fees. Please note that any additional expenses not mentioned in the itinerary are not included.

Whale Watching in Hurghada: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you’re planning to go on a whale watching trip to Hurghada, you probably have a lot of questions about the experience. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered:

What types of whales can I see in Hurghada?

While there are several types of whales that you may spot during your trip, the most common ones are humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins. Humpback whales are known for their acrobatic displays, such as breaching and tail slapping. They are also known for their distinctive songs, which can be heard underwater. Bottlenose dolphins are friendly and curious creatures that often swim alongside boats.

When is the best time to go whale watching in Hurghada?

The best time to go whale watching in Hurghada is from December to April, when humpback whales are most active in the area. However, bottlenose dolphins can be seen year-round.

What should I wear on my whale watching trip?

You should wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing, such as shorts, a t-shirt, and a light jacket. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. You may also want to bring a waterproof camera to capture the experience.

How long does a whale watching trip in Hurghada last?

Whale watching trips in Hurghada usually last around three to four hours. Some tours may also include snorkeling or swimming with dolphins, which can extend the trip.

Can I get seasick during a whale watching trip?

While you may not experience seasickness on a whale watching boat, it’s always a good idea to take preventive measures. Consider taking motion sickness medication or wearing acupressure bands. You can also try to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and heavy meals before the trip.

Is it safe to go whale watching in Hurghada?

Yes, it is safe to go whale watching in Hurghada as long as you follow the guidelines provided by your tour operator. Make sure to listen to the captain’s instructions and wear a life jacket at all times. Avoid disturbing or approaching whales or dolphins too closely, as this can be dangerous for both you and the animals.

What happens if I don’t see any whales during my trip?

While whale sightings are not guaranteed, most tour operators offer a guarantee policy or a discount on your next trip if you don’t see any whales during your trip.

Do I need to be able to swim to go whale watching in Hurghada?

No, you don’t need to be able to swim to go whale watching in Hurghada. However, if your tour includes snorkeling or swimming with dolphins, basic swimming skills are recommended.

Can I bring my children on a whale watching trip?

Yes, children are welcome on whale watching trips in Hurghada. However, make sure to check with your tour operator for age restrictions and guidelines.

What should I do if I see someone or something harming a whale during my trip?

If you witness any harm to a whale or any other marine animal during your trip, report it to your tour operator or the local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to intervene or approach the situation on your own.In conclusion, whale watching in Hurghada is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. With the right preparation and a little bit of luck, you may be able to spot humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. Follow the guidelines provided by your tour operator and enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures.

How to do Whale Watching in Hurghada

Hurghada is an exciting destination that is home to numerous water activities such as diving, snorkeling, and fishing. However, one of the most incredible experiences that Hurghada offers is whale watching. The crimson sea is home to numerous marine life, including whales and dolphins. Whale watching is an outdoor activity that you should do in Hurghada, and this guide will help you to enjoy it.

Step 1: Choose the Best Time for Whale Watching

Whale watching is a seasonal activity that is best done between December and April each year. During these months, the whales migrate to warm waters in the southern hemisphere to breed and give birth. Therefore, you should plan your trip to Hurghada accordingly to avoid disappointment.

Step 2: Choose the Best Boat Tour in Hurghada

There are numerous boat tours that you can choose from in Hurghada. It is critical to choose the right one to ensure you get the best experience of whale watching. Here are some essential things to check to ensure you do not get it wrong:

  • The boat should have a reliable and experienced crew to ensure your safety and comfort during the activity.
  • Check if the boat is well equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities such as binoculars, life jackets, and first aid kits.
  • The tour guide should be knowledgeable about marine life, particularly whales, to offer you the best experience.

Step 3: Be Prepared for the Whale Watching Tour

Preparing for the whale watching tour is crucial in making the most out of your trip. Here are some things to consider when preparing:

  • Make sure you carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect you from the sun.
  • Carry enough water and snacks to keep you hydrated and energized during the tour.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely on the boat.

Step 4: Head to the Boat for Departure

Once you have made all the necessary preparations, head to the boat for departure. Arrive at least 30 minutes early to board the boat, learn a little about whale watching, and the boat’s safety rules.

Step 5: Enjoy the Whale Watching Experience!

Once the boat sets sail and reaches the whales’ territory, the tour guide will inform you and other tourists. Watching a whale in the wild is a mesmerizing experience, and you should enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some tips to enhance your experience:

  • Listen keenly to the tour guide on how to spot the whales on the water’s surface.
  • Be patient! Whale watching requires patience as the whales may not show up at the expected time. Hence, enjoy the beautiful scenery and other marine creatures as you wait.
  • Carry a good camera with you to capture the moment and memories.
  • Be respectful of the whales and other marine animals; do not disturb or harm them in any way.
  • Lastly, have fun and enjoy the incredible experience of whale watching with your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Hurghada is one of the best whale watching destinations. With year-round sunshine, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life, it is an adventure lover’s paradise. However, to make the most out of your whale watching experience, it is essential to select the right tour guide, prepare adequately, and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Follow these steps, and enjoy the incredible experience of watching whales in their natural habitat.

The 6 Best Whale Watching in Hurghada