The 3 Best Whale Watching in Lisbon

Lisbon, the picturesque capital of Portugal, is a destination admired for its remarkable architecture, rich culture, and beautiful beaches. Another reason that makes this city a unique place to visit is the opportunity to witness the fascinating creatures of the ocean – whales! With a vast coastline and an array of marine life, Lisbon boasts some of the best whale watching experiences in the world. In this blog post, we will guide you through the best spots in Lisbon to spot these magnificent marine mammals and provide you with some helpful tips to enhance your whale watching adventure. Get ready to discover the ultimate whale watching experience in Lisbon!

The 3 Best Whale Watching in Lisbon

  1. Dolphin Watching Lisbon
  2. Lisbon 3 Hour Dolphin Watching Boat Tour
  3. Lisbon 2 Hour Dolphin Watching Boat Tour

The 3 Best Whale Watching in Lisbon

1. Dolphin Watching Lisbon

Experience an unforgettable adventure in Lisbon by embarking on a scenic cruise in search of dolphins, sunfish jellyfish, and even sharks. A marine biologist provides onboard commentary, highlighting key landmarks like Belem Tower as you sail along the Portuguese Riviera. With a small group, you’ll receive more attention from your guide, while a central meeting point ensures a hassle-free experience. Lifejackets, seats in the boat, and photography cameras are all included. Please note that SeaEO cannot be held responsible if dolphins are not spotted, but sighting success is around 95%. Meeting point is at SeaEO Tours – Sea & Estuary Odyssey, located at Av. Brasília 1350-353 Lisboa Portugal, Doca de Santo Amaro GATE 3 Harbor. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes, a jacket, and shoes.

2. Lisbon 3 Hour Dolphin Watching Boat Tour

This three-hour dolphin watching boat tour departing from Lisbon’s city center offers an unforgettable opportunity to learn about the wildlife and cetacean species that inhabit the area. With a specialist marine biologist onboard as your guide, you’ll head out on a safe, fast and comfortable speedboat to explore the Portuguese coastline, passing under the 25th of April Bridge and sighting beautiful monuments such as the Jerónimos and the Tower of Belém in the district of Belém.

Venture into the vast ocean in search of dolphins, and keep an eye out for other amazing marine species such as sea fish, sharks, jellyfish, and even sea turtles. With up to three hours to explore the ocean, you’ll gain a unique perspective on the creatures that call these waters their home. The tour includes crew members, lifejackets, insurance, taxes, fuel, sunscreen and tips. Get ready for a truly immersive and educational experience on the Lisbon 3 Hour Dolphin Watching Boat Tour.

3. Lisbon 2 Hour Dolphin Watching Boat Tour

Admire wild dolphins in their natural habitat on a two-hour boat tour around Lisbon’s coast, accompanied by a marine biologist and a captain. Take in the stunning views of Lisbon’s main monuments, the Estoril coast, and Cascais from the Tagus River, while keeping an eye out for playful dolphins. The marine biologist on board will share interesting facts about these incredible marine mammals and the preservation efforts underway to maintain their natural habitat. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have about dolphins and marine life during the tour. The tour is approved by the Official Oceanarium of Lisbon and includes a guide, marine biologist, hotel pickup and drop-off, a boat tour, and food and drinks. It is not suitable for children under 6 years and pregnant women. Get ready for a unique wildlife experience on the Lisbon coast!

Frequently Asked Questions about Whale Watching in Lisbon

Whale watching in Lisbon is one of the most sought after experiences for tourists all around the world. From May to October, Lisbon offers a unique opportunity to view dozens of different species of whales and dolphins up close and personal in their natural habitat. However, for first-time visitors, it’s common to have several questions regarding whale watching in Lisbon. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about whale watching in Lisbon.

What Is the Best Time to Go Whale Watching in Lisbon?

The best time to go whale watching in Lisbon is from May to October. During this time, there is a high chance of spotting different species of whales and dolphins as they migrate to the warmer waters of Portugal’s coastline. It’s important to note that whales are unpredictable animals and sightings can never be guaranteed, but the chances of seeing them are much higher during these months.

What Kind of Whales Can We Expect to See?

There are several species of whales that can be seen off the coast of Lisbon. The most common ones include fin whales, minke whales, humpback whales, and orcas. In addition to these, Lisbon’s coastline is also home to several species of dolphins, including common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

Is It Necessary to Have Previous Experience to Go Whale Watching?

No, it’s not necessary to have any prior experience to go whale watching in Lisbon. Whale watching tours are designed for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and the crew on board will provide all the necessary information about the whales and the tour.

Is It Safe to Go Whale Watching in Lisbon?

Yes, it’s safe to go whale watching in Lisbon. The whale watching tour operators are licensed and follow strict safety regulations. All the boats are equipped with safety gear and operated by professional and experienced crew members who know the waters well. However, in case of any emergency, there are rescue teams available to help.

What Should I Bring on a Whale Watching Tour?

It’s recommended to bring warm and comfortable clothing, even during the summer months, as the weather can be unpredictable at sea. You should also bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a camera to capture the unforgettable experience of watching whales and dolphins up close.

How Long Does a Whale Watching Tour Last?

Whale watching tours usually last between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the tour and weather conditions. To maximize the chances of spotting whales and dolphins, it’s recommended to book a longer tour.

How Much Does a Whale Watching Tour Cost?

The cost of a whale watching tour depends on the tour operator and the duration of the tour. On average, a whale watching tour costs around 50-70 euros per person.

What Happens if We Don’t Spot Any Whales or Dolphins?

Whale watching tours are designed to provide passengers with the best chance of spotting whales and dolphins, but unfortunately, sightings can never be guaranteed. In such cases, some tour operators offer a second tour for free or a partial refund. Make sure to check the cancellation policy of the operator before booking a tour.

Are Whale Watching Tours Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, most of the whale watching tours in Lisbon are environmentally friendly and follow strict guidelines to minimize the impact on the whales and their habitat. The tour operators use eco-friendly boats, avoid approaching the whales too closely, and never feed or disturb them.

How Can I Book a Whale Watching Tour in Lisbon?

Booking a whale watching tour in Lisbon is easy. Most tour operators have an online booking system, and you can book directly from their website. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak season, as tours tend to get fully booked quickly.In conclusion, whale watching in Lisbon is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed. With the chance to spot several species of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, it’s an unforgettable experience. We hope this FAQ has answered some of the most common questions about whale watching in Lisbon and helps you plan your trip accordingly.

How to do Whale Watching in Lisbon

If you’re a lover of whales and want to see these majestic animals up close, then Lisbon, Portugal is one of the best places to do it. The city has many whale-watching tour operators that offer boat trips for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ll explore how to do whale watching in Lisbon, what to expect on a tour and the best tour operators to opt for.

Step 1: Choose the Right Time to Go

The best time for whale watching in Lisbon is from March through October when most whales migrate through the region. During this period, the conditions are ideal for spotting different species such as Orca, Minke, and Humpback whales. However, the peak season is from July to August when the chances of spotting whales are highest.

Step 2: Choose a Reliable Tour Operator

Choosing the right tour operator is critical, as it can make or break your whale watching experience. Look for reputable and experienced tour operators that have a proven track record of successfully spotting whales, such as:

Lisbon by Boat

Lisbon by Boat offers a 3-hour whale watching tour where you can observe whales in their natural habitat with the help of an experienced guide. The tour takes you along the coastline of Lisbon and allows you to explore the marine life. The company has a high success rate of spotting whales during the peak season.

Canyon Dive Center

Canyon Dive Center is another popular tour operator that offers whale watching tours in Lisbon. During the tours, visitors can also spot dolphins, turtles, and other marine life. The company provides all the necessary equipment, including life jackets, and has professional guides to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Step 3: Pick the Right Tour Package

Most tour operators offer different packages to cater to different needs and budgets. The typical packages are:

Shared Tours

Shared tours are most economical, as you share the costs with other passengers on the boat. However, this means you have to accommodate other people’s schedules, and you may not get a personalized experience.

Private Tours

Private tours are more expensive, but they offer the most personalized experience. You get to choose your own time and itinerary and have the entire boat to yourself. This is ideal for families or groups of friends.

Step 4: Prepare for Your Trip

When you book a whale watching trip, it’s essential to be prepared in advance. Here are some important preparations:

Bring Warm Clothing

Although it can be warm in Lisbon, it can get chilly out on the water. Bring warm clothing and dress in layers so that you can adjust your outfit as needed.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

It is recommended to wear comfortable low-heeled shoes or waterproof boots that will protect your feet.

Bring Your Camera

Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the amazing experience.

Avoid Overeating and Drinking

To avoid seasickness, avoid overeating and drinking before and during the tour.

Step 5: Experience the Tour

Enjoy the tour in all its glory. Here are some tips for enhancing your experience:

Listen to the Guide

Be attentive to the guide’s instructions, as they are experts on whales and the waters in which they reside. They also know the areas in which whales usually frequent.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Whales can appear anywhere, so keep your eyes open and observe your surroundings.

Maintain a Respectful Distance

Whales are protected species, and it’s important to maintain a respectful distance from them. Your guide will advise you about the appropriate distance.

Spot Other Marine Life

Whale watching tours in Lisbon also offer great opportunities to spot other marine life such as dolphins, seals, and turtles, so keep your eyes open.

Step 6: Review Your Experience

Once the tour is over, don’t forget to review your whale watching experience. Share your feedback with the tour operator, as it can help others to decide which tour operator to choose. If you enjoyed your experience, you can recommend it to your friends and family.

Book Your Tour Now

Lisbon is an excellent destination for whale watching enthusiasts. By following the above steps, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable whale watching experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Remember, safety and respect for these amazing creatures should always come first. Choose a reliable tour operator, pick the right package, prepare yourself, and enjoy the tour.

The 3 Best Whale Watching in Lisbon